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November 13, 2013 // by Admin

Google, Twitter, SayNow help Egyptians tweet via voicemail; citizens post reports of hunger, chaos

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton trips boarding plane home from Yemen after diplomatic visit

J train temporarily shut down after drunk man wanders on tracks, police and witnesses say

Lindsay Lohan quit ‘Inferno’ to focus on rehab, wasn’t fired: sources

What is censure? Harlem Rep. Charlie Rangel may be in for punishment after ethics violations

British journalist David McCandless makes Facebook breakup chart by analyzing 10K status updates

Harry Reid scrapes by in victory over Sharron Angle, wins 5th Senate term, sends message to GOP

Katy Perry, Akon to perform at annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; Heidi Klum won’t walk

Russell Brand goofs around during red carpet walk with Helen Mirren at ‘The Tempest’ premiere

Russell Brand arrested at LAX after being accused of beating paparazzi at security with Katy Perry

Joe Miller backtracks, throws staffer under the bus after tweet compares Murkowski to prostitute

National Weather Service issues tornado watch for New York City and parts of N.J., Penn., Conn.

Ex-con who attacked 87-year-old granny in broad daylight busted

Jessica Simpson dating former San Francisco 49ers tight end Eric Johnson

Jenna Fischer, Pam in ‘The Office,’ marries Lee Kirk in summer wedding

No friends with new iPhones? FaceTime with Apple instead

Infant remains in Roman ruins in England point to existence of brothel

Drunken passenger forces flight to turn around, on the hook for $63,000

NASA telescope discovers never-before-seen giant ring around Saturn

Pilots, crew throw punches on Air India flight

Puff, puff! Ryanair Airlines allows smoking on flights… sort of

Skinniest house in NYC comes with a bonus: $10,000 of furniture from IKEA

Marc Anthony, new minority owner in Miami Dolphins, buys a condo in Miami

Survey: New York one of the most frugal cities

The Obama Heckler: Who is Representative Joe Wilson?

Al Franken draws a map of the 50 states, freehand

Series of blunders frees schizophrenic cannibal Peter Bryan, who kills 2 more people

Woman leaps from building, commits suicide, kills pedestrian she landed on

Broke lottery winner Callie Rogers blew huge sums on cocaine

UK police hope gruesome video depicting car accident will change minds about texting and driving

Reader’s Digest files for bankruptcy

Staples, OfficeMax lure customers with sale items for a penny

‘Real Housewife’ may be evicted from Laguna Beach house

Secret AIG golf course? Not quite

Study links excessive sleeping to increased Alzheimer’s risk in people older than 65

Most older drivers are unaware of effects of prescription medication, AAA Foundation study finds

Archaeologists uncover 9,000-year-old hunter-gatherer house on Britain’s Isle of Man

Labor Department: American workers increase productivity; still face depressed wages, hours

IRS puts tax liens on Nicolas Cage’s New Orleans home

Are we turning our kids into wimps in the name of safety?

Scientists analyze Twitter, blogs, to learn how happy people are

Trouser-wearing Sudanese journalist Lubna al-Hussein ready for ’40,000 lashes’

Boxer Rob Newbiggin to become ‘Mercedes’ after sex-change surgery

The death of $200+ jeans?!

Not another one! Latest Ponzi scheme has a twist: yachts

Looking for a recession-proof job? Try “local witch”

Chinese iPhone manufacturer pays family of dead worker

Hubble telescope interrupts testing to photograph Jupiter impact spot

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